Thursday, 16 August 2012

Top Three Thursday

For my first top three I will start with summer foods.

1. Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit from local farms and farmers markets is a great way to support your local economy. Buying local is highly cost effective and has many other benefits. When you go to the market you can talk to and interact with the farmers and learn about how the food has been cultivated and what is in season.

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2. Iced teas

I am a brewing tea lover (pun intended!) so I had to throw this in. Tea has many health benefits including antioxidents which are believed to help inhibit cancer causers. It is also a tasty alternative to high sugar beverages like soda and energy drinks. Tea is a warm drink on a cold day, perfect for getting cozy with a book, but is also great on a warm day when brewed over ice. Tea is hydrating and light, which wont slow you down and make you feel sluggish like sodas do. Overall tea is a great beverage any time of day, all year round.
How I brew cold/iced tea:

In a tassimo/keurig machine:

1) put loose tea or tea bag/packet into machine or mesh k-cup.
2) fill cup/mug with ice
3) brew over ice to chill

With kettle:

1) In a mug add tea bag or infuser for loose tea
2) Pour near boiled water into mug and steep tea
3) When tea is brewed to your liking chill in refridgerator with ice or fill larger cup with ice and pour tea over ice.

Remember whichever method you you choose it may take some practice and fine tuning to perfect your iced tea. I am still trying to make the perfect iced tea.


3. Couscous or Quinoa Salad

In the summer a light yet filling side dish or meal is a couscous or quinoa salad with lots of fresh veggies tossed in there. Couscous is easy to make at home and if you find a good recipe to jazz up the flavour it will taste delish! 
I like to add lemon juice, original mrs dash and some green veggies like zucchini and asparagus. It is also yummy with a sweeter or more savoury type sauce and bok choy (chinese lettuce) and nuts for protein. 
Try it out and let me know what you think. If you have any recipe sugestions comment and let me know.

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