Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tea Time

Welcome to Tea Time. Have a seat with your favourite brew, or should I say steep. ( ;D)
At the moment I am drinking one of the first teas that I tried and actually liked when I was being introduced to tea. I used to think it all tasted like odd water, specifically orange pekoe tea, but this one sparked a new found interest and budding love for the world of tea.
It is a Cranberry Tea. I'm not really sure about the details specifically, but it comes from a generic brand at the grocery store in bag form. Not bad when steeped for 4-6 minutes, no sugar added. I prefer fruity herbal teas, especially in the summer, however I do enjoy a good Vanilla Earl Grey or Chai come fall.
I'm drinking it out of an old cup from my Great Grandparents house with an antique car on the front, a 1907 Pope-Waverly. The cup its self is rather cute and reminds me of them.

I am also very interested in getting more into loose leaf teas and to start off I have my eye on a few tea infusers to start out with. The first a Tea pot with infuser, mug set from ModCloth.  The second, a simple mesh tea ball infuser from DAVIDs tea, you can get these pretty much anywhere that sells tea. 

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